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    For the Love of Your Horse. The BEMER Horse-Set.

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    The BEMER Horse-Set utilizes innovative PEMF technology and consists of the horse blanket and two cuffs. The blanket is intended for full body applications and the cuffs are designed to be used on the front and rear legs and other targeted areas of the horse’s body. The blanket and the cuffs each feature signal controllers with rechargeable wireless batteries for ease of use in any environment. The BEMER Horse-Set also features a high-quality, custom carrying bag and a soft sweat blanket.

    Full Body Therapy at the Cellular Level

    Targeted Therapy where you need it. The BEMER Horse-Set applicators.


    The BEMER Horse-Set features a high-quality, custom designed travel bag that is convenient for travel or storage. The travel bag holds all of the BEMER Horse-Set applicators and accessories, and is sturdy enought to stand-up vertically for easy access from the top.

    How to Use the BEMER Horse-Set​


    Step 1:

    Unpack the unit to charge it before you start. During charging is a good time to read the user manual.


    Step 2:

    Place the blanket on the horse and use the slider to adjust it to the size of your horse. Then attach the side panels with the Velcro fasteners. Please note: First, get your horse used to the BEMER treatment by only using the blanket. Cuffs can be added later as a supplement.


    Step 3:

    Now you can fasten all the straps.


    Step 4:

    Press any button for 1.5 seconds to switch on the signal controller. Then press one of the three program buttons to start the treatment. It is best to start with P1 to get the horse used to the signal with light intensity. The treatment should not last longer than 5 minutes, especially at the beginning!


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